Re: Re: How to address shyness/have successful hair fetish?

by Mystery Man

Ha, "hair women"? Well, honestly, in my younger life I was all about "tickle women" where I could kind of fudge things as I went along (sit next to one and if things went ok go "so.... you enjoy LAUGHS?" and get a tickle in). The hair thing.... idk the best I've done was Instagram/ OLD and I work from a compliment into how I like how thick it looks. Lol.

The problem just occurs out in the wild where if I come across anyone I like "in the hair way" I get so paranoid about sporting one if I muster the effort to talk that I usually just go totally avoidant. Wish I were a bit different in that regard. Yes I get hair doesn't make them and sometimes it grows back but I'd be lying if I didn't admit on some level it fuels my choice of who I try to interact with.