Re: Does anyone remember?

by Anon

Hey we have the same name, how about that! ( )

Seriously though, while I'm not 100% sure what you're thinking of, there's an odd and fascinating connection between long haired hotties and metal.

Ligeia Noire, one of the best heads of hair out there, is a huge metal fan... death metal? Black Metal? I don't know, but it's all cacophonic stuff to me.

Star_666 is a huge metal fan with awesome blonde hair.

Roxana Herrera is a bassist with hair so long and thick I don't understand how it doesn't get caught in her bass strings when she plays.

There's a Scandinavian female singer with awesome blonde hair who gets linked around here. The way she growls, her vocal cords must be shredded after a song or two.

Lastly, I remember seeing a youtube video from a while ago about a band I could have sworn called themselves Bukowski. I think they were a punk band, and a family. The mom had awesome thick brown hair about to her knees. Tried searching for it online, no luck though.