Surprise meeting

by Longpageboy

Shortly before 6 pm, today I entered a home store in my (small) town and had to ask a question at the info desk.

While the lady there was trying to answer a young couple entered about 10 yards away from me, and the woman/girl (no more than 25, probably younger) was sporting a thick blonde braid all the way down her belly and to her lower thighs. Worn down, her hair could be about knee length.

I was so pleasantly shocked that I was totally unable to reach for my smartphone and take a pic, and besides I still had to pay attention to my dialogue with the lady at the info desk.

As I headed for the product I wanted to buy, I saw the young woman walk down the main aisle of the store for a couple of seconds, which confirmed the previous observation: almost knee-length blonde braid.

Then I lost track of the couple and never saw them again.

For a moment I had thought about openly talking to her and her boyfriend, begging her pardon, and stating that I was meaning no offence at all, but that I had to compliment her on her beautiful hair and its gorgeous length. But unfortunately, the occasion to do so didn´t arise.

I´m writing this because an earlier post or thread said that we had lost another real longhair who seems to have cut her hair. Yet here, only a few days later, I appear to have found a young real-life extreme longhair, in a small town in rural Germany (where even waist-length hair is a rarity otherwise), and in a completely ordinary daily-life situation.

I take this to be a reason for hope for all of us, and I keep telling myself that next time I will muster the courage to talk to her (and her boyfriend).

Unfortunately no pictures this time, guys, but nevertheless a meeting in 3D.