tom>>links n tech stuff

by pc

i hope your lurkin PCs.

u were invited, 9-7, uno.[tlonder]

i post a lot of ''surf-rest-yourself'' links.

most, don't report their finds.

i thank u for the follow-up/pics..

i 'text/type' this, every once in a while, for newbeez:

on the next hxxp/jpg links,,i surf'm like this:


i start with the last #,,beecause,,if you go to far,

like 019, on the nexxxt one,, you might end up in

pop-up-hell-r-worse. [eyez have..errrr]

thanks to trich,,i use the 'surf #s down', that i have in favs.

2 clicks intead of typing [a 'time' thang]

[wait, b4u surf'm, i ain't threw]

hxxp:// [redirect if u look 4 the gallery]



AND,,say i like blonde wigs: [don't]

at the next link i wood click favs/get all .jpg's

and the nexxxt page would open and

start loadin all the pics that were on 'said' page.

[wait, b4u surf'it, i ain't thru]

u thinkin, maybee,,what in the hell is he

talking about/clicking in favs.

''trich's java codes..that's what''

it rest/page is, pretty, self xxxpanitory


once u click 1, u will get a window/pop-up frum your putor that says

''dis is not a good eyedear'', r whatever


go ahead and dew it. it's ok

[you'r just puttin a java code in your favs instead of a url]

ok..nuff said..pic the ones u like.

everyboody know what a java code is?? good.. i'm talk'd out. lol

repo nicole lezz

[redirect if u look 4 the gallery]




got 1 more, 4u2search. got time??

[pics hotlink] love deja's hair/tits/witt [i got the HOLE movie]

now the ''cum frum''

[click 'back',,DEN,,click ''back'' [dexxx stuff]

0,,,,TOM,,,,btw,,,,did eyez say thanks??

[i 'thank' every post at PCs]

[more, should, here]

[ and eyez ain't talkin a couple of these Tongue Sticking Out Tongue Sticking Out ]


ps: [can't shut up. lol]

xxxcuse my ill/bad humor. i'm, really, in a good mooooood.

i cleared $45,000 on a realazzstate deal, today.

i ain't even in sellin stuff. hell,,i'm a machinist. lol..just ''good luck''

right place, right time,,money to spare,,thang..........


be thar r be square


last pary i threw