by pc


quote ov da day:


''You really have your finger on the pulse of what's new & erotic''

i got 1, 2,,BUTT,,wait..da HOLE, off topic, story, 1st:

most music lovin couples have ''a song''

the ol lady's and mine is

If i could bottle this up

i could make a mil l lion bucks

if i could sell everybody in town on

what we've been fe el ling

it's gar run teed to put a smile on your face

a song in your heart, after

one little taste

folks just couldn't get anough

If i could bottle this up..[paul overstreet]

we, often, say this to each other

when we're feeling the 'love bug''


last night, in bed,,almost asleep

the wife farts,,,loud,,,smelleeeeeeeeee

,,,,,,,,,,,,, i said,,,,,,,,,,,,

''If i could bottle this up''

we giggled 4 10 minutes,,after laughing our azz's off


gretchen is/was kewl. love her hair.

it was on country music tv. her life story.

mabee u can catch a re;run. maybee sunday, i think.

i'll let u know, ahead of 'time'.