by pc

these really are old and some r the same.

[incase 1 goes dead]

in my preview i will surf'm and

delete the one's not working or that have

bad shit, like dialers n viruses n trogens.

[why dew they dew that to potiental members?]

[knock on wood **]

eyez ain't skerd

deja chan [janine @ftv] DON"T JOIN,,DEAD!

i have this 1hr20min movie. bullshit, 4 the 1st hour


she really is kewl, to listen to.

hell,,this ain't'd dat link get her?

ouch,,,''no,,i don't want a dialer'' [link deleted]

ouch,,,''no,,i don't want a toolbar'' [link deleted]

ouch,,,''no,,i don't want a trogen'' [link deleted]

frum attaboy---deja site

9 pages


12-12-03 clips

sew u like julie m, 2?