by Long silky asian hair

Hello everyone...been a while since I've posted anything on this site but I am a regular viewer. I don't usually shill for any sites, but since I know we're all fanatics for long hair I want to tell you all about a few xxx web pages that I recently came across. My true passion is long hair...but more particularly LONG STRAIGHT SILKEN RAVEN BLACK ASIAN HAIR!!! Hair like this just knocks me out. There are three sites, all run by the same company (you see the same ugly male sex stoog at each one). The only reason that I'm sharing this is because the other day I saw pics/video of - without question - THE MOST PERFECT SPECIMEN OF ASIAN HAIR EVER. More on this later.

One site is Another is Both of these sites will provide pics and video of asia's finest from the Phuket district in bangkok engaged in various sordid acts...many models having that primo, silky black hair.

Now the third site might be a bit touchy for some but I don't have a problem with it, so I'm going to admit that I joined for a month. Its called Its a site just like the first two, except the models are thai trannys...I know what you're thinking but before you judge, take it from me. They are DROP DEAD GORGEOUS...far better looking that the actual females found on the first two sites. No exaggeration. Unless you actually see the package, its easy to think its just a fineass chick getting slammed doggie style and/or giving oral. Can't tell the difference (okay - there are a couple of ugly ones but the vast majority - say 90% - are smokin' hot).

There are several models with waist-length black silky hair...but there's one model in particular that is worth the price of admission for a hair fanatic like me (and you) his/her name is Portnip. He/she is quite frankly HOT....tall, slender, big fake tits, and the shiniest, long black silky hair running down to his/her ass that I've ever seen. I'd post a pic that'd blow your socks off but it carry's the site logo and I don't think I'm allowed to post on this site...but the hair is amazing...the video is better.

Each site is a bit pricey and does not offer the 3-day cheapy trial. Each will cost about $35/mo. Beware of this catch...for $35/mo, you can become a member and get video of recent updates and pic sets of the archives, but if you want video access to the two-year archives, it'll cost you another $35 bucks. When I found this out I was pissed...but I'd already seen the pic set of Portnip and so I paid the extra $35 just to get her video. The download reliability is also somewhat hit/miss...I've had a lot of download sessions timeout on me but eventually everything works. I've been a member of exploitedteensasia and its good. I'm now a member of I download all the pics/video of the quality silky hairs on the site...great stuff. I just thought you other longhair freaks'd like to know....try not to be too judgemental. I also realize that some of you may have issues with the exploitation of the sex-trade in asia. I'm a hypocrit, I know, I don't like the situation either but its not going to go away until the corruption in those countries is resolved and massive investment in infrastructure in other words...never.

Anyway...if you check any of them out, let me know what you thought.