:::::Long Hair Update:::::

by Maliyah Madison Website: ::::Maliyah's Official Site::::

Hey there all you hair lovers!!

I am back with an update on me! hehe

I have been so busy lately..I am making 2 new sites!!

A remake of Miss-Madison.com and a new site dedicated to the fetish world!! handcuffs All different kinds! And of course members' requests will be top priority!

So be sure to stay on top so you know when my sites are released!

Ok so I have to tell you that my hair keeps getting longer and longer!

I have to trim it so it stays healthy, but a model friend told me recently..."everytime I see you your hair is like 10 feet longer!" Shocked

lol so she exaggerated a little...

I also wanted to tell you about my new auction items that I have up..you can view them here: Camera


Click on the link, if you cant then copy and paste it into your browser.

I have a few lingerie sets up as well as some other goodies! Embarrassed

Check em out, it wont hurt!

Come by my yahoo group too!


Post a message for me and say hi!

I hope to hear from you! Kiss