by pc

1st,,,a hug, please,,,,,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

lol. u changed the pics.[scream] i thought i was 'loosin it'....

note: u r Using 4.99 of 30 MB (16%)

please don't remove pics. i'm sending newbeez, everyday.

i understand, u don't want porn pics at your yahoo thangy


i [we] got a pic r 2 to give you and your longhair lovin members

should you deside to open the upload thangy.

i wouldn't feel right about postin links to porn, eyether.

4git the joebob's conversation. ok.?....

what r u doin tonite?[sunday] hair show at 10?????



i got goosebumps when u told me your fav zep songs

[i'm a diehard music fan and leader of a band]

i can't quit you baby [love dee blues]

the rain song

dazed and cumfused

the lemon song

since i've been loving you [the internet, just, zeems better..tanks]