da link > [diane>]

by pc

hope u don't mind me sayin,,BUTT,,eyez have saved your pics.

[for later reference of 'perfect']

funny,,my putor kept sayin

''u allready saved that one. wood u like to replace it''

i say ''nope..i just forgit what eyez save n don't save''

my point: ''point'' 2 the new pics when u report an update

[and the link will help direct newbeez]


angelfire.com/oz/gervgirlsretreat/ click 'cam' after everyting else

led zeppelin..allright. my fav band. i have all their stuff.

[the pic/focus on her live cam, right now]

you'r,,waaaay to young,,to know zeppilin. [26]

wa'zup'wit'datt?? fav song?? mine? [u azk] ''you shook me''

[and of course that stairway song]

uno, i gave ninja's link to tomt, on your chat, lazz nite.

[after u left the room]

he came back and said ''eyez liked the lh asian pics'' and was gone, again.

[tom,,,me2...meeeeeee2uuuuuuuu][swisshair's asian upload/post]

thanks 4 sharing your beauty, diane. u r a living doll



i have a long one for you

what??? wha'd'u'tink'i'mint??

nope..eyez love you,,BUTT,,datt 10'' is saved 4 my wife, only. lol