Re: enough is enough

by UrbanHermit

Excuse me? I can hardly believe this.

The title of this site is 'Long Hair Forum'. It is not 'Hair on Cock Forum' or 'Cum on Hair Forum' or even 'Hair Fetish Forum.' As far as I've ever been aware, all aspects of long hair are allowed. It sounds to me like you are the one with a 'microscopic interest', and who wants this site to become boring.

I've been coming here even longer than you have, and people have ALWAYS posted 'boring' pictures of women, nude or not, with beautiful long hair, so what's so different about EC? Personally, I think his posts are the best here, and couldn't give a shit about the sort of stuff you seem to like, but I'm not going to tell you that you shouldn't like it, or demand that this forum only caters to my tastes. Neither am I about to accuse people who post stuff (for example) about Indian women of being racist because the women aren't white.

Go and learn some tolerance. And if you can't, maybe you should go and set up your own site to cater for your own tastes, and leave the rest of us alone to enjoy this one.