Re: Interested in (tell me about ur hair fetish)

by m

Ok. TY for building another site.

I have been following this site for nearly 10 years I guess and it was a good site back in ol days.

Now this site has become monotonous and appears being trolled by some who share particular microscopic interest in hair.

2 or 3 members who are prolific post same boring exploding colon...

it is not fun to see a naked pic with long hair. Hair fetish is more than that..

Also fetish does not mean jst blonde or red hair.. thats too racist...

There is excellent silky hair from asia..

all in all this site drifted from being a good hair fetish site to monotonous womn with long hair pic site..and that too blondes ..thanks to Exploding colon... for making this more racist..

If you are interested in making a site:

erotic hair fetish stories...where feeling long silky hair on c*ck is an excellent feeling and part of fetish..

pictures of hair decorated in different styles...buns..with decorations.. bands... clips..pins...etc...

i personally like teasing different hairstyles with *** and seeing how that style react to teasing...

PS: no personal animosity to anyone.... jst that i am fed up of those long posts of pic after pic...that doesnt help..