Re: Re: My girls hair

by Loveitlong

I help her take care of it, I am the only person she trusts to trim it. She is willing to grow it as long as I would like it but I think knee length is perfect. I have always had a fantasy of being with a girl with floor length hair but it's just not practical. Her hair was knee length and she cut it past her shoulders because she wanted a change. She has stated she hated it that short and loves it long and will keep it long. I thought she was sexy even with short hair so her growing it this long is a bonus. I do love her very long hair. When we are in bed and she throws it on me it's suchca turn on. I love playing with it and massaging her head for her. I love when she is sleeping and I bury my face in her hair. It's just so much fun. Every woman should grow LOONG hair! I will post a new pic or two soon.. Thanks for all the compliments fellas!