Found a girl who grows her hair really fast

by Brack

So... I just went out on a first date with a girl I met off a dating site. From what I can tell, she's definitely wanting to go on a second date. She *knows* I'm into the hair thing. Her hair is currently down to her shoulders, but she was telling me she will probably gain another ten inches in the next six months... HOWEVER, the problem is that she wants to keep it short. She just moved up here to Seattle and her hair is curly. And red. And ridiculously thick. Her debacle is that the Seattle weather will make it all crappy and she won't know how to deal with it.

Her issue right now is that she doesn't want to deal with the high-maintenance of long hair, (and hers is fantastic the way it is, but knowing any other poster on this forum, we usually all want longer ^_^) but I am hoping that I can do something to change her point of view with how amazing her hair is. She says it grows an average of about 1.5 inches a month, which is a LOT. I always wanted to date a girl who could do this, but never could find anyone. Wish me luck, guys!