The Motherlode of Long Hair Photos

by slug001

I stumbled upon the absolutely largest trove of long hair photos on the internet probably. It's on a place called Pinterest which women like my wife use a lot to share recipes, craftwork etc. It's loaded with photos of long hair by the thousands. Just click on the photo to open it, then click to the side out of the photo to close it. At he bottom of the photo is the person who originally loaded it. You can click on that and it opens a whole new page source of more photos. It goes on forever. Here's a list of pages you can click on to get you started. Pinterest pages load at medium speed so as you scroll down it will continue to open more photos automatically.

There is no nudity on any of the sites, just long hair photos. There are hundreds of these pages. The above are just a few. They have a search engine at the top and you can type in buns, braids, etc. whatever you want and there's thousands of photos. It's the best kept secret on the internet. I just happened on it by accident. I would have never thought of looking here.