Re: Best Political Hair?

by Brack

If you weren't on the TV so much, you'd probably be outside talking to a liberal left-wing person who may or may not be a politician. Activists that canvas among larger cities are majorly left-wing and quite a few of them have VERY long hair. I know a few canvassers up here in Seattle that have gorgeous manes of hair. Honestly though, I never really bring the whole subject up of how pretty their hair is (unless they make it obvious that they're hitting on me first), mainly because I don't like being creepy in general. I've also been getting the notion that girls that are especially cute being out in public probably get harassed by at least 20 guys daily, asking them out, hitting on them, or getting threatened by rape, or whatever. This is me trailing off here, but you get my point. Stop watching TV, it's rotting your brain out, and making you J/O to Ann Coulter.