another hair fantasy

by noel

hi i am noel yesterday i posted a good story but still it is not

published any how i m again posting the story,enjoy.........

i am also a long hair lover it was happend when i was studing 12th

at cochin, usually keralite girls are well known for their long hairs

normally they have butt length some time knee length, but this story

some what more than that?????????

After my schooling hours i usally went to my masters house for extra

coaching, my master wife aged aroung 30 at that time is alwasys my

attraction, she was slim, young ,dynamic more and more her hair.

she always wear it in a big bun. The size of the bun bigger than

usuall bun weared by other ladies. Those days i curiously wants to

know her full length hair. Some times she wear it in a bride, still

i cant view the full length, sice there was a tennis ball level bun

at the end of the bride, reaches below her knee!!!!!!!. It is like

a swinging pendulam when she walking.

One sunny saturday, it was a holiday i went there earlier. I rang up

the bell, no response, it was a powercut, my master also not available

there, i dont know it was my curiousity i just opened the adjacent

room window, it was not clear visibility but some one standing

showing the backside to me . Alas it was my masters wife, standing

nude,not even a single piece of cloth doing her undershave. Ohhh

my god that was the first time i saw a lady without dress. Still her

big bun on her head but this time in a loose bun,suddenly the loose

bun fell down reaches her butt, then knee and so on, oh poor guy i am

i cant still view the full length of her hair, it entirely cover her

whole body, that scene nearly 5 minutes i cant remmember in my life,

it wets my pennis, then i came back to the entrance, now the power

came and i rang up the bell.

After some pause she opened the door and ask me to wait in the

reception. Now she wears her saree and came with a comb in her hand,

it my luck again i am going to see another feast, thinking myself

definutely today i will see her entire length of her hair. I asked

a cup of water, she gave with a big smile.

I positioned my self clearly in the sofa so that i can see the

dressing mirror placed at the corner of the room, she stood infront of

the mirror, now i can see her clearly in the good light,My heart

beating fastly, and pray the god pls do something

immediately, ohh god her hand moving close to her bun , removed slowly

it flows like a black river thick ,shiny hair flows thru her buts,her

knee!!!ohhhhhh my goodness now i can see the full length of her hair

it fell down in the floor, i have never seen such a rapunzel girl in

my life, she slowly taken the end portion of the hair and brushed

neatly nearly three minutes.

At that time some body rang up the bell , so i got the opertunity to

saw her hair in small distance, she cross me with one hand holding

the entire hair infront of her and approaching me , i thought my queen

is coming to near me, and she passes through me, it was my master

who came from outside i wished him asked me to sit there it self,

in her return direction, u cant beleive this, she carry his husbands

bag in her hand and let hair down freely to her back now the whole

hair dragging alon the floor, passes through me i am not in my stage

at that time, again my pant becomes wet, now she brushed her entire

glorious hair throughout for nearly 15 minutes and made a big braid,

still i cant beleive the entire length and also the thickness.

It was happend about 10 years back, now i am working in an mnc at

chennai, and i came to know that my master transfered some where else

in the kerala itself, now she may around 40 years and i dont know

how long her hair now.

I think long hair lovers really enjoy this soty if any body knows her

pls let me know.