mom's hair

by amit

Hi this is amit from india. Let me introduce characters in this

story first. My mom, Dimple, with sleek figure, great good looking

heavy boobs with pink nipples. Height: 5' 7". She has waist length

silky long straight black hair. She gets aroused if someone plays

with her hair. When her hair bun rolls down from her head, it looks

like water fall of silk. The scene in which she combs her long silky

hair has no match on earth.

She looked like some model from Shampoo ad. People used to adore her

silky straight hair. She used to keep her hair long and loose when

she used to go out for functions/parties. My naughty uncles always

tried touching and playing with her silky hair but she hardly allowed

them to do so. I was a normal child but always loved playing with her

hair. I had a thing for her hair, but I didn't knew why it was. I

used to stare at her when she used to blow dry her hair after bath.

She didn't mind me staring. I used to play with her hair when she

used to be fast asleep. We used to sleep together on same bed when

dad used to be away.

It was one afternoon, Dimple and myself were at home. I was doing my

classwork sitting beside her. She was combing her silky long hair. I

started getting attracted towards her and simply sat beside her

watching her silky hair flowing in air while she was combing. Her

hair was partially wet and its fragrance aroused me. I started

looking at my mom in a different way. It was a new and fresh feeling.

I offered her to help her in combing her hair. She smiling

said "yes". She was sitting on floor watching some movie on TV. and I

was sitting behind running my fingers through her wet silk. It was my

lust for her long hair which I understood gradually. I used to kiss

her hair, dig my face in her silky lengths. After sometime, she asked

me to stop and go ahead with my homework. I was sad and said "no, I

want to comb for still more time". She took all of her hair in her

hand, brought them in front of her body. Both of her milky boobs were

now covered with her hair.

It was a glorious view. Her hair over her boobs looked like as if 2

silky water falls flowing from back of her head towards her legs.

After sometime, she told me that she wanted to tell me something. She

said "Soon you will turn 16 and you need to learn a lot before that,

so that you don't get misleaded with false or incomplete

information". Surprisingly I asked "What information?". She

replied "Your dad was not smart and still not, so I don't want you to

be like him".

I said "ok, but what do I need to learn?".

I knew what she meant and I was mentally enjoying what was happening

and what all was suppose to happen.

Mom took me to our huge bathroom, which had clean white tiles on

floor and hot shower machines. The floor was dry at that time. She

said "I know you like my hair very much, it is all yours, what all

would you like to do with it ?"

I felt shy but didn't wanted to miss this opportunity. I said "I like

your long hair very much and I want to play with it". She said "Ok,

but remove all of your clothes first."

I immediately removed all of my clothes. My dick was almost erect.

She sat on the bathroom floor. she unhooked her blouse and bra. She

was topless but her breast was covered with saree. She asked me to go

behind her and unhook her huge hair bun. I was more than happy to do

this. I slowly walked towards her back. I had never seen my beautiful

mom in such outfit. She was wearing a silk saree on her nude body

with a huge silky hair bun on her head. I stood behind her. The

moment I touched her thick hair roll on her head. She said "Stop,

don't use your hands".

Surprisingly I asked "Then how ?"

She said "Use your cock".

On hearing this, I got butterflies in my stomach. I could see her

sitting on floor, leaning behind with support of her hands. My cock

got erected and turned semi hard. I slowly walked and inserted tip of

my cock in center of her hair bun. The tip of my organ started

getting wet.

She ordered "drop my hair".

My cock was hard and 7" long by now. I started rubbing my cock in her

bun. Within seconds her silky thick hair started rolling down her

head and cascaded on the floor. My joy had no bounds. I sat behind

her. She asked me to do whatever I wanted to do with her hair but

now "only with my face". I digged my face into her hair behind her

head. I started kissing all her hair. Madly I was breathing in her

hair. The fragrance of her silky lengths made me maniac. We were no

more mother and son. I couldn't control my lust for her entire body.

She asked me "Would you like to comb my hair wet?" and she

immediately turned on the hot shower. We both got wet. I sat behind

her while digging my face into her wet silky hair. I was licking the

dews on it and kissing her. I hugged her from behind. Both of my

hands caught hold of her boobs. Something, that I never did. It was a

great feeling. Both of her boobs were round and big. My palm was

smaller for her boobs to fit in. I squeezed her boobs on her body and

continued kissing her hair and playing with it. She was moaning. She

slowly turned towards me. She too had lust on her face. We both stood

facing each other under hot shower.

She said "Go ahead"

I hold her hair on back of her head with one hand. Covered her left

boob with my another hand. Got closer to her face. And slowly kissed

her soft lips with mine. I felt her warm breath. The short kisses

soon turned into long smooches. We were eating each other lips. I was

squeezing her milky melons hard. I turned thirty for her milk

breasts. She told my face with both her hands and brought my mouth

near her right boob. I kissed her nipple 3 to 4 times and immediately

gave a tight bite on her nipple. She started moaning madly. My lips

and teeth were not ready to leave her nipple. Meantime her other boob

was being squeezed and her nipple was being rubbed hardly.

I then did boob fucking by rubbing my cock in between her two milky

melons. This continued for 10 more minutes and she sat on floor

facing my cock. I took all her hair in my one hand. I was not able to

manage the load of her silky long hair. I tied her hair on my cock

quickly. She caught hold my cock with rolls of her thick hair around

it. She started squeezing and jerking my cock. My cum started slowly

coming out from tip of my cock on her hair tied around it. She slowly

removed her hair from around my cock and inserted my 7" dick in to

her mouth. She initially kissed the tip and then started licking it.

I was feeling as if in heaven. With one hand I hold her hair and with

another I hold her head. She continued licking it, swallowing it and

finally I unloaded a huge load of cum into her mouth. Her lips were

full with it. We both sat on floor beside each other, turned off the

shower and slept for sometime in bath floor.

We both dressed properly after sometime. We started behaving as if

nothing happened. But this changed our lives. So whenever we were

alone. I used to slowly go to her. Hold her thick hair bun. Unroll

it, play with it and the story goes on.