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by Anya Website: Anya

You are correct Sir, yes. Cool That does have quite a bit to do with it, Ninja.

But wait! There's more, gentlemen! Shocked

Something occurred, which I really don't want to mention (for personal reasons), that put me off like you wouldn't believe, and I suspended all video productions outside of what I shoot for my member's area. But things are better, time's passed, and I feel it's ok now to resume. Please don't feel I'd singled out the hair fellows and that was that. My nail gents have been waiting just as long for a new nail video. A few folks are fully aware of what happened, and totally understand my apprehension in the matter. But like I said, things seem ok now.


The video Leona and I have planned to shoot is a done deal. Everything's been arranged (location, flights, camera persons, etc.) and it's going to happen without a doubt.

Hair 3 will also happen, but it won't be before the vid Leona and I are going to shoot, that's a definite. That kind of video is a bit different in shooting for obvious reasons... I don't have a penis (I'm a girl, in case someone may not have noticed---however if I DID have one, it would probably be quite substantial, aight?), and not having my very own penis to 'hairjob' whenever I feel like it, I have to work within others schedules & time frames. My class schedule wasn't a great help either.

Oh, in a perfect world...

So there you have it.

Many Kiss Kiss Kiss 's


Anya Rose