Re: Re: Brushing and Combing

by romeopapa

Don't know if this is the one (there are soooo many great soap hair scenes). Felecia from General Hospital had thick blonde hair below her waist. Great bed scene once with Jack Wagner with all that hair falling over her face and off the side of the bed.

Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) I think GH again - in bed with her man brushing her long shiny dark silk lovingly! Great scene.

Tina and Gabriel from (OLTL) (Andrea Evans and Fiona Hutchinson) both had waist length hair. Andrea's hair is a gorgeous red. She is now on "Passions".

Charlotte Ross (Day of Our Lives) Now on NYPD Blue. Scott was talking to her about projecting her image as a singer. Her back was to him and he reached out and pushed both hands up through her waist-length shimmering golden silk while staring at the back of her head. I almost popped my zipper on that one.

But I still think that the best soap hair award has to go hands down to Robin Wright (now Robin Wright-Penn, Sean Penn's wife, and she of the Princess Bride fame). All that glossy, shiny, shimmering, gossamer dark golden hair was always flying around all over the place, hanging across her face, gliding down her arms. WOW Shocked She had the greatest hair I had ever seen on a soap opera.

I used to have the segment with Charlotte Ross on videotape. Wish I still had it so I could send it to you Ninja, and you could put it up at the Mardux site. But these images are forever burned into my mind's eye, even if I can't ever see them on the small screen again.