Brushing and Combing

by ninja

Some time ago we talked about Leelee Sobieskee in Joyride...

There's a scene in which She's combing Her hair.... well at last i've found it. [i'll upload it shortly]

i've also found Alicia Silverstone brushing Her hair in clueless...

That got me thinking, let's look for some more great scenes in movies... does anyone have some suggestions??

Here's the scene of Alicia Silverstone:

- Small file [2.24 MB]

- Larger File [9.1 MB] -> same as first but with several repeats in slowmotion

[unfortunately i don't have very good video software at the moment so they're encoded in WindowsMedia Format Sad ]

PLEASE DO ME ONE FAVOR.!!!! Do NOT repost this link anywhere else, please....