My experience

by liquidoxygen Website: silknroutes

u remember my old eexperience

afterdark73in: wat. the lady who lived next door one floor below

afterdark73in: u didnt tell

: who used to wash and comb every sunday and wed

i was always ready to catch her combing from my window

afterdark73in: how long her hair

around waist

afterdark73in: good

: it was really exotic to see her

it was when my new experience developed

afterdark73in: oic

around 13 years age

13 to 16 golden era

for me

: oic

always searching

afterdark73in: ladies

she used to comb and comb and i used to cum and cum!

: oh yes

afterdark73in: lol

afterdark73in: lol

afterdark73in: lol

: and lady used to search a lot too

wished i could say , can i help U , poor lady!

: she was just around 2 ..3..years newly married!

afterdark73in: really in romantig mood today u

: a real bomb

r hey thats the way to releive out stress u know

afterdark73in: ya

talk of that which relaxes u

afterdark73in: it ws lovely to see her using the lice comb , combing from here and then there and then underneath the neck , sometimes 789parting the hairs at the back showoing me her nape. scratching the nape with her fingers.....

afterdark73in: hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and then atlast she finds one

hold the comb in the air to look for the catch, killed it on the comb,

and then again the same combing over again

till i had cummed on her!

afterdark73in: lol

afterdark73in: lol

: but unlucky she was in rented house and left me by my age of 16

afterdark73in: ohh poor guy u

: i was ssssooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sad

she was gone.