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Below you find some Tips & Tricks that may come in handy while posting at this forum:

It is very easy to add a Link. Just type in the URL of the website you'd like to link: or
Simple as that, the forum does the rest.

Uploading images does not host any images or videos itself. However it is really easy to add images to a post. First make sure the images are available online somewhere, copy the URL and paste the entire URL of the image directly in a post. (See the screenshot below) Use the [preview] button to test your post. It's important that the URL ends in a supported image extension, i.e. it must end with .jpg, .gif or .png in order for it to be recognised as a picture.

If the images you'd like to include are not yet online, then there are many sites available where you can upload images first, for instance:

Uploading videos

There are many video sharing websites out there like Youtube and Vimeo, one not known by many is, which has the advantage of allowing uploads without an account and also hiding the upload from the general public.

By far the easiest way to search this website is to use the Google Chrome browser with the Supercharge extension. When you've installed both the browser and the extension, you can easily search this (and any other) website by typing an 's' in the address bar followed by a space. That is the 's' for search or supercharge (don't type the quotes). Everything you type next will be used as your search query, see also the image below for an example: Google Chrome extensions Supercharge

If you don't (want to) use Chrome, you can still search this website. It's easiest to use Google (because of the adult nature of, it's not possible to directly embed Google search in the site). Go to and type your search query, after that type: Example: Suppose you'd like to search for French braids, then you type in to google: "french braid"

You can use the Search Tools button to filter the results by a certain time frame, see also the image below google text search

It's also possible to search by image on Google using Image Search. Image Search looks at the actual pixels of the image and tries the find the same and/or similar images elsewhere on the net. Here's how it's done:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the camera icon in the search bar:
    google image search
  3. Now you can either paste in the URL of the image you'd like to search, or upload it. See this screenshot:
    google image search

Image Enumerator

The tool below is an automatic enumerator. Sometimes websites host a lot of images all numbered in sequence, like image01.jpg, html image02.jpg, etc. You can use the tool below to generate links with sequential numbers

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