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Sunday, February 22 2004 - 0:15 by ninja Reply

Sorry John, maybe it's because i'm pretty tired right now, but i don't understand what it is you want...

- Do you want to shoot a video, are you a cameraman or something
- Do you want to be in a video, as an actor
- Do you want to sell a video, as a merchant
- Do you want to buy a video...
- And do you mean VHS tapes / DVD or Digital
- Do you want to start a website
- Are you asking for models


Okay, i'm confused me out Embarressed



 Entire Thread for: HAIRWEARESECERTS    by: John W.   ( February 21 2004 - 12:39 CET)
    huh    by: ninja   (February 22 2004 - 0:15 CET)

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