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Re: Link
Wednesday, February 18 2004 - 2:16 by Miss D Menor Reply

Domino oh Domino,
PC's one of many favorites. She has star qualities that outweigh
here pornstar image. She is one of the true LONGHAIR queens
regardless of her pornstar status. Imagine her in galleries where
she was clothed, she would still stand head and shoulders above
so many others.

It would be easy to type link after link, but its been done to excess.
She is by far one of the most beautiful women in the similar league
as Anya, Malyah or Penny. Have you seen her clips, if not where
have you been.
Miss D

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    it's domino    by: klicker   (February 15 2004 - 20:44 CET)
    Re: Link    by: Miss D Menor   (February 18 2004 - 2:16 CET)

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