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I LOVE the long hair posts here!!!
Friday, February 6 2004 - 22:47 by fetishforlonghair Reply

Does ANYONE on this site ever post long hair photos, or do they all just yap all of the time...

I can't believe that people actually get MAD at other people on the computer...shit, I'd hate to see you in about "acting grown up"...bitchin at me about absolutely nothing (what good is that gonna do me)...GOD, this reminds me of a hockey forum where underagers would curse to each other about one particular hockey game...

Why are you all mad all of the time...why do MOST people seem so angry on the THIS where they take their anger out at...people who they don't know cuz they would ring their necks in person...

What did I ever do to you individuals...shit, I just post links and have fun...everyone is always quick to criticize, yet they don't do any contributions of their own...

Aren't you here for long hair?

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