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Reason: "Website password piracy
Friday, February 6 2004 - 19:26 by fetishforlonghair Reply

That's what it said on the ezboard's page...

What the hell does that mean?

I guess someone monitors the posts WE make which is just like grade school to me...come on, a 50 year old man, sorry pc for revealing your age, hehe Embarressed shouldn't have to have HIS website monitored by anyone...

I guess you have to fork out ALOT OF EXTRA money to have YOUR OWN DOMAIN for EXTREME PRIVACY!

BOTTOM LINE, why can't people just leave other people's privacy alone?

YES, we were illegally using passwords, but shit, it's inside "closed doors" so to speak just like when a husband beats his wife behind closed doors...that's no one's business what goes on in their household...that's THEIR PRIVACY!!!

Sorry ninja for ranting on your board, but I figured you'd like to know what's up! Wink

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