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pcs site has been shut down!
Friday, February 6 2004 - 19:18 by fetishforlonghair Reply

Damn I wondered what happened!

Yah some passwords were posted on his site, but isn't it freedom of speech/expression on a website that HE paid for out of his own pocket!!!

I know he paid his bills for his ezboard account!

Of course, when it comes to any internet website where a MESSAGE BOARD IS PREVALENT, someone is gonna have something ignorant to say (regardless of their age) cuz that's how it always has been and how it always will be...

Please just read this and DON'T post pointless/rude comments afterwards for ONCE!

We are all just dudes trying to have fun on the internet, BUT people still have to show anger towards someone else, and they are not even seeing them face to face...

I know alot of people on here DON'T LIKE pc, but oh well, feel for the dude if his hard work and effort, plus alot of ours too, went to shreds...


Best of luck to pc and ninja's forum...

I will post here until we find out the "problem with his site".


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