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To Be More Specific!!!
Wednesday, February 4 2004 - 19:59 by ninja Reply

Do NOT post passwords here.... period! Angry
[messages have been removed...]

Lightbulb READ THE RULES guys....:

DO NOT POST anything concerning minors
[e.g. (but not limited to) links, pictures, anouncements, etc]
DO NOT POST anything concerning any illegal activity
[e.g. (but not limited to) warez, passwordtrading, (illegal)MP3's, crackz, serialz, etc]
DO NOT POST anything concerning hatred, racism, bestiallity or discrimination
DO NOT POST anything that is off-topic
[this being a LONGHAIR forum, i think you'll be able to figure 'ON-TOPIC' out ;)]
DO NOT POST anything considered as SPAM
All messages that find unfit for this forum will be removed without notice!

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