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askjolene SUCKS
Tuesday, February 3 2004 - 1:58 by pc Reply

mark, i stopped surfin at askjolene.
just a link i click, looked allright,,
loaded a bunch of shit that took me all day
to get rid of[toolbars/pops/etcetc]
then,,damn'it,,a week later i click anudda
link, thar, and paris hilton[sound familar?] moved in and
,totally, trashed that putor. i ended up
deleting ie and everything that has to
dew with the internet to get it to stop
all the shit it was doing.[wife's putor now. lol]
just a warning, dude.[this posted at PCs, 2]

damn machines

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!


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