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Re: Hair is everywhere (My experience)
Sunday, February 1 2004 - 9:53 by fetishforlonghair Reply

That was about the ONLY part of high school that I enjoyed...watching long hair in motion on school buses, in classrooms, and in the for me actually getting a hands on experience, I was always a little embarassed or afraid to be seen by someone else if I was caught and I felt like maybe I would be considered a sexually derprived pervert if I was observed sneakily caressing a young woman's hair...

Now that I am a little bit older, I dont care what people think anymore and I will be more apt to do something like this if given the opportunity...

I think when I was a little younger, in my teens I mean, I NEVER REALIZED that any other people viewed women in this know, in high school it's all about ass and boobs and nothing more...

All you would hear from the other men were, "Shit, check out the ass on this one!" or "Look at that big ass rack on that one!"...stuff like that, but I felt weird admitting my own pleasure in hair over breasts or ass (which are good too in their own right)...

Not until I ventured onto the expired NTC Forum about a year ago or so did I realize that other men had the same ideas/fantasies that I have and now I dont worry as much about myself being different cuz at least someone in this world has some similarities that I admire in the opposite sex...I HAVE COME OUT OF THE CLOSET (TO ADMIT MY LOVE FOR LONG HAIR THAT IS)...dont get any other ideas... Tongue

To be honest, how could ANY man seriously enjoy intimate encounters with other women if they cant either admit or discover their true TURN-ON with the female gender...besides just straight intercourse, there has GOT to be something else that turns a man it breasts, legs, ass, or whatever, there has to be something...LONG HAIR IS OUR THING or most of us I guess!

Now I surf and post like crazy over at PC's forum but I never come on here...maybe I should as well... Wink
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