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Birthday Present
Friday, October 31 2008 - 6:08 by longhairluv Reply

My little contribution! I love this forum, look at it all the time, but dont post pictures yet! But I know you guys will love this story. Last Mon. was my birthday, and a ex girlfriend of mine, who I still sometimes have sex with, gave me a box. She said that only I would truly apprieciate what was in it. I was very courios, so, I opened the box. There inside, was a two foot long blond braided pony tail!! All Real! It was her pony tail she cut off some 10 yrs ago before she got married n had kids, when she was just a hot southern california surfer chick! It was soft and smooth and thick and felt so good! Then, she said that she was dating some one else, and couldtnt have sex with me, but, she really wanted to watch me play with it on my dick!! So I did! My dick got so hard so fast, and she got so horny watching me, that finally she went down on me in the back seat of her Range Rover, and she still has long beautiful hair, but the two foot pony tail defintly added to the whole thing!! I still have it in my computoer room, and use it alot!! Hope u guys like this one, Thanks for all the great pictures!!
Longhairluv Big Smile Big Smile

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