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Re: Re: Blog of (Model P) in Indinrapunz
Saturday, October 11 2008 - 19:35 by Neel Reply


I do agree that I do have hair fetish, but it does not mean that you jump on any long haired lady and pump her hair. As what I have seen, the models of IR belong to cultured well off families and are not meant for sexual encounters.
Now coming back to the point, it was a Saturday afternoon that I met P at her place. She opened the door and took me to the living room. She had shampooed her hair in the morning and her huge bun was reflecting the sun and looked like a shiny ball of black silk. She sat in front of me and I took a chair behind her and had good look at her bun. It was about 8 inch in diameter and same in height. I put my nose on her scalp and inhaled the sweet Pantene smell mixed with her own, and then put my nose in the various coils of her bun, each part had a different smell. It was strong and heady. Then I slowly took the huge single pin out, picked up her bun in both hands and pushed my nose in the bun. It is beyond words. I opened her bun with my nose and let the heavy hair fall on the floor. I took her comb and started to comb it. Her hair is 60 inches long and completely tangle free, touching her lower calves. Then keeping the comb aside I put my fingers inside and started to finger-comb her hair. I held her thick hair just at the neck tightly wrapped her hair on my left hand and then on my right, the feeling can't be described. Then I picked up her hair and coiled up and put my head in the black mass and rubbed it on my face. Then on my request, she put it back in a bun and I started to feel and fondle it to my heart's desire. I pulled it down again and combed it out and put it on a huge braid, thick as a python which reached below her knees. I took the braid and wrapped around my neck and smelled it many times. Then I took out the braid and asked her to face me and do a front flip. The hair landed like a heavy curtain on my face and rolled off. I took her hair all in one hand and held it tightly on her forehead and combed out the hair. Then again put my face in the silk curtain. I then asked her to lay on the flat cot on the side of the room and let the hair fall from the side. I positioned my self on the floor and lifted the mass and let the hair fall and keep on my face. Then I paid her, thanked and left the place.
Eventually I had visited her several times, but every time it all feels like the first day. I feel like a kid in an ice cream store. These meeting rejuvenate me like a spa treatment.
Hope you all enjoyed my real life experience. I am looking forward for another meeting next week. I have asked her to use Head & Shoulders this time.
Do write about, how you all liked my experience with Indianrapunzels model.

Neel Big Smile
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