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Blog of (Model P) in Indinrapunzels
Friday, October 10 2008 - 20:13 by Neel Reply

Hi fellow combraids,

Check out the new post of Sukanya (Model P) in the long hair blog of
She is pretty, and arguably has the best hair of the site.
Her current length touches her calves. It is very silky, straight, heavy and very thick. She allows hairlovers like me to braid, brush, bun, shampoo her hair on prior appointments. I had the opportunity to get my hands on her hair several times. Everytime, I had put my nose inside the coils of her freshly Pantene shampooed bun, I get a high. It actually engulfs your senses.
I would request all to make a trip to Kolkata, India, just see & feel her hair. Hope you will all encourage her to keep hair long and growing by writing in. Thanks to to put up her Blog for us.
Tongue Tongue Tongue

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