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Re: Re: long hair in school
Tuesday, October 7 2008 - 3:19 by minstrel Reply

Ahhh yes... Susanne! Senior year in a reading class right after lunch. At the beginning of the year, a friend of hers sat behind her and they made too much of a ruckus. The teacher put me behind her and him elsewhere. The very first day behind her, my desk was suddenly awash in her small of the back length bright blond hair! Then a brush came sailing over her shoulder! She turned around and sweetly asked, "you don't mind do you? Mark wouldn't do it for me." If she had only known how much I didn't mind! That was a daily ritual my entire senior year. Unfortunatly, I wasn't high enough class to go out with her. But she loved how I brushed her hair!

That was 33 years ago and it is like yesterday to me!

Take care


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