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thanks, man
Saturday, November 29 2003 - 14:41 by pc Reply

howd u like the pics/albums, thar?
can't wait to see yourz.

yup,,3mb limit PER E-MAIL.
that's how we have multipal albums.
sign out//get new//sign in,,was ez,,BUTT,,now,,
now that it takes an invite[keeps kids frum joining]
i will have to:
sign out
get new netpass
sign in
sign out
sign in as PC
go to my mail and approve
sign out
sign in azz PC2[r whatever]
note: no need to delete this way..
upload 3mbs.
delete, if you choose,,BUTT,, we'v been getting
2 r 5 new members a day. lately, i'v been 'promoting'
at other forums. it's working.........

note: a 150k pic will get compressed to a 50k pic
sew if you have 9mbs in your upload folder,,,,
u dew the math.
yup,,it was ez'r 4 me to copy[NOT MOVE] pics to a
PCs folder[on pc] then delete them after upload

azzz you saw, the multipal upload tool is cool.
it opens your pic folder [on your pc] azz thumbs.
you just check the one to be uploaded
and you can watch the meter go up to 3mbs.
last time i just selected all ,in my folder, and
started uncheckin till i hit 3mb. either way......

thank for your time/pics. i o u an album.
any request. i have about 50,000 files.
[eyez have some new julie meadows, and others, frum
vividvidio's members sextion]
o,,,i need your e-mail,,again.
eyez got treats 4 u.

lots better than these:

some r repos WOW my friend, boner ^^ ^^^^^^, romeo


Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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