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new yahoo group: long hair videos
Thursday, November 27 2003 - 14:52 by rj Reply

Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to all those in the U.S.
I created a new yahoo group to share some of the vidoes I've collected thru the years. Yahoo is very limited in space so I've edited the video down to only the parts that show her hair and then chopped it up in to parts small enough for yahoo to accept. The video I uploaded is of Kate Kaptive aka Mary Kate Ashley. She's only done a couple of videos so this will probably be new to most everybody.
I will change the video when I get time which I doubt will be more than once a week, at best. I pretty much filled up the space available so I will have to delete this one to add another.
Please do not post any messages or add any pictures or files as this will take up space. If you have something you want to share email me and I'll free up some space so you can post it.
A word of warning: This video, and probably most eveything else I will add later, is of a long haired woman having sex. If you're not into that you should avoid the group.

Here's the url:

Please let me know if there are problems joining, downloading, etc...

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