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More hair in mouth? me2
Thursday, November 27 2003 - 1:48 by pc Reply

me2, dude. Leah was the only model
that would take request, like that.
sea my 'reposting Leah' reply
[3 r 4 post down]
'hair5' vidio, over 2 minutes long,
has her putting her ponytail in her mouth
and dew'in a blowjob. A MOUTH FULL..

i taste wifies hair all the time.
love to run it thru my lips.
we both love HARD kissing right
through her hair.

tip: don't ever move hair to get a kiss
like they dew on these porn sites.
ussually, when a man is touching her hair,
in most links, it's to move it for the camera
to get a 'better' shot of a bj. this sucks, huh..

wish we had a model, here at ninja's
that would take request [like ''hair-shadows'']

i also wished 'it' touched the floor

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!


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