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Well it was not...
Friday, November 21 2003 - 1:38 by Alain Reply

It was not spam. As you could have seen.

Sorry bro but trying to click on the java script link "Rulez" on the uper right corner did not open any rules window for this forum.

Been trying to guess what are the hair lenght limit here but was not able to.

I did mention in my post that some were, to my own taste, border line long hair... But still sholder lenght or below.

I guess I should have let those out.

I have seen at many occasions on the fine forum groups of links to include border line long hair. Have also noticed the poster's warning people about it... which i did.

Maybe I should have put the border ones at the bottom... so you would not have noticed right away Wink

The second link had one of the girl with longer hair but we see it only in two pics.
Third one well goddamnit she has a ponytail only a few pics gives us a hint at the real length. I have let the # 8 gallery out as the girl had an up do and we could not tell how long her hair is.

So, what is the minimum lenght on this forum so one can post without problem?

Understand here that I favor much longer hair but I thought these were all acceptable, with a few less than others.

I have been warned.

Thanks anyway ninja.


 Entire Thread for: I'm at lost here guys. Plea...    by: Alain   ( November 20 2003 - 22:49 CET)
    because...    by: ninja   (November 21 2003 - 1:06 CET)
    i thought this was spam...    by: ninja   (November 21 2003 - 1:09 CET)
    Well it was not...    by: Alain   (November 21 2003 - 1:38 CET)
    Re: Well it was not...    by: ninja   (November 21 2003 - 2:00 CET)
    Thanks man. n/t    by: Alain   (November 21 2003 - 2:03 CET)
    BTW ninja...    by: Alain   (November 21 2003 - 3:41 CET)
    Re: BTW ninja...    by: ninja   (November 21 2003 - 12:33 CET)

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