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Re: Re: Problem
Tuesday, November 18 2003 - 22:42 by Steve Reply

I may have the same video as you, Trich........Canada, early 80s?
Some real nice shots at the end as she kneels down to greet the crowd in the front row and her hair spills over the stage Tongue

Watch the tape real careful and she's forever sneaking glances, checking just where her hair is in relation to her feet!!

I remember her first ever appearance on Top Of The Pops over here....late 70s.....she did "Brown Eyes Blue" and the DJ, Dave Lee Travis, shouts out "Here's Crystal Gayle - and just look at her hair!!"
I'd never heard of her before but that made me, well, it made me sit up and take notice!
At that point, though, it was "just" about butt length........still an unusual sight on UK TV.

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