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TRICH,[r sumboody],HELP
Monday, November 17 2003 - 13:55 by pc Reply

i can't even read what i'm typing, here!!!!!!!

britney wore a hair extention at AMAs, laz nite.
belly button long pony,,BUTT,,not cool.
she has a special at
7pm, texas time, tonight, ABC..
i don't care 4 her music,,BUTT,, damn, she's purty.

boy, trich,,my pc is screwed.
i clicked a link yesterday that
loaded all kinds of add shit.
porn tool bar,,4 new desktop icons, 4 programs
[one frum lycos.?.]
i had to uninstall. i got 1 called
POWER SCAN ,cleans out porn,
[and we wouldn't want that]
that i can't find in add/remove.
worst thang is my color settings.
start, cntrl panel, display, settings,,
16 color is my only opption.?.?.?
pictures are totally screwed up.
i may have deleted somethin???
i try to remember my programs
so i can delete everythang else....
anywho,,if i don't here frum u
or sumboody that can help,,
i'm gonna try a ''restore'' tonite.
[starting over sucks, uno]

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