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Re: part 2
Saturday, November 15 2003 - 3:35 by pc Reply

i was rong. bottom of bra strap, penny hair.[joan]

we have a 6 ft hose on our shower head
for washing dogs, in the tub.
she had turned around, thinking i was going
to enter, right then,,BUTT,, i got down
the shower head. she put 1 foot on the tub rail,
i threw her hair over my shoulder
and i proceeded to kiss her neck and
'wash' her clit.[a wonderful feeling, 4 her]
this didn't take long. tremblein in 10 seconds.
wanting more,,she took the shower head,, poked her
straight up and leaned foward.
when i straightened up, 4 entry her hair skid
off of my back[a wonderful feeling] and fell
right in her crack,,same time azz i entered.
it took the 1st couple of inches of hair in
with me. she felt it and leaned her head back,
a little more, with each thrust. [a truely wonderful feeling]
she was lovin it. me to,,,,whewwwwwwwww
she aimed the shower right at the clit
and moved it around. spraying hard and
crossing my balls, off/n/on.
just enough, 'bad', to keep me frum cumming, to fast.
10 minutes,, minimum.
i would ponytail her hair, take it in, slide it out,
wrap it around, take it in, slide it of/out[a wonderful feeling]
we were really wearing each other out.
suddenly, she held the shower right on her clit.
i pull , almost, all the way out.
no thusting, just stood there and we C L I M A X E D
uno, a man has a 'g' spot just like a woman
and she hit mine.[a wonderful feeling]
she lost control and sprayed the
textured celling. washed the paint right off.
we still laugh about the 'gone paint'.
kind of a souveneer, thang, not to be repainted. lol

sub note 4 dub:
she got mad at me and cut 2 ft off.
now,,12inches long.
not much 'wraping' going on, now
i can't keep my hands out of it.
obbsessed?? yup..
my hand r in hair when we make love.
[it is a wonderful feeling]

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

vino,,hope your keeping up at
where the elite meet to pant.
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