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part 1
Saturday, November 15 2003 - 2:02 by pc Reply

speekin of showers:

i told this story be4,,sew kinda,,REPO
[penny said ''not in my 'kittie''']

we did it like this, more than once
the 1st time was the best.

best i recall,,

freshly brushed, right about the cheeks, of her azz,,
i hug her frum behind azz we're looking in the mirror.
[a wonderful feeling]
she says ''damn,,your good lookin''
i said ''back at'cha, babe'' and she
'shoots' me one of her sexy smiles.
she 5ft 2,[115lbs] that puts her belly button
even with longdong,,SEW,, frum behind,,
that gave me '3 wraps'. [i have to talk in past tence]
she wood dew it , then back up, tight,
so it wood stay wrapped.[a wonderful feeling]
she gets in the shower, me right behind,,
i turn her to face me, hands buryed in hair
as it is soked. [a wonderful feeling]
white rain, apple scented, shampoo.
i dew her / she does me [a wonderful feeling]
i rince her,,i rense me.
a overflowing palm-full of panteen [normal hair]
huging her frum the front,,
i get the end of her hair, in both palms, and
slowly start cumin up, keeping it all in my hands,
best i can,,till it's a pill on top of her head.
[a wonderful feeling]
that TOTALY works the conditioner in.
we're washed so it time to lay a HOT,
one leg wraped around her azz, kiss on her.
both hand on her [face] cheeks, slidding back through
the hair,,to the ends. over and over.. [a wonderful feeling]
drove her nuts. she went down and continued the french kissing
[a wonderful feeling] on the end of my dick.
she said ''let go'' was hard,,BUTT,, i did
and she wrapped it , back, around my shaft and
kinda did the shoe-shine motion. [a wonderful feeling]
time seemed to stop...............
it was her turn!
i can, best, make her 1st climax with my tounge
damn hard to do, comfortably, in the tubshower
[my new shower will have a bench seat]

BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joan of Archeda is on.
lover her belly button long hair.
will continue, afterwards.
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