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One of our favs.......
Friday, November 14 2003 - 21:19 by Vino Reply

Almost every Saturday morning,we head for the shower. I go in first,wash & condition my hair ,then she makes her entrance.Her gorgeous silk is up in a loose bun.It's held precariously up with NO PINS or CLIPS.She steps in ,gives me a kiss.....& turns her back to me.I slowly lean into her soft bun,bury my face & enjoy her lovly scent.Her hair is still mostly clean from a wash just the night before.She lets out a heavenly moan as she knows how excited this is making me.Then from side to side she S L O W L Y shakes her head.The bun drops & gradually unties with each shake.I apply her shampoo,rise then apply conditioner. I have a raging hard on as we begin to vigoursly wash each others slippery hair.Then she begins to stroke me.Cupping my balls,then stroking me .While wildly french kissing,her left hand in my hair....both of my hands in hers...and her right hand jerking me to ecxtasy. AAAAAHHHHHHH !

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