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story while pics upload
Saturday, August 30 2003 - 18:04 by pc Reply

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

gonna watch romeo's vhs tape
while these upload

domino''i don't speek spanish''
guy''wat's your name''
guy''how long did it take to grow this hair?''
dom''17 years''
guy''wow,,it's lovely''azz he caressess
dom''i live in palmdale,,desert,thar''
azz if to say''nuff said''she goes right
down on him. tounge-stud-bj..
xxxcept 4 the stud,,she could teach my wife
a thang r 2.
note to self:
have tape set right here 4 next time wifie
wants to sea zum xxx.
domino has such a pretty 'foriegn' pussy,,dark..
he lays back on the bed and she rides him like
a buckin bronco. romeo, right here, slow motioned
where she threw her hair to her back and it cums
down and slaps him right on the balls. cooooool!
he pulls out and lets 'it' sit on her crack'full'o'hair, DAMNNN!
his arms around her, still in slow-moe, she leans
foward, again,,,her hairrollin/gliding[what's the word?]
down his arm to his neck and face. WOWWWW!
close up of her ''happy'' face reviels hair in her mouth. TASTEEE!
high-speed, not to be confused with fast foward, fuckin.
no guy would be able to stand this. C L I M A X !!
at the perfect time,,she goes down on him and he gits a
definition: rubbed it all over her chin and
cheeks while it 'spirted', trying to keep it
frum cummin out.
note: this is a 'way cool' feeling!! my
wife does it with her tounge. 2nd heaven !!
sub note: a HARD clit works just azz well !!

i'm/he's/she's/upload's done.......................

ok,,,21 pics 4.42mbs
album name=PCsFairPics
it will open in new window sew u can cum back
here to read this,,ok?
hummm,,thars a ''full size'' button on the
pic i just 'checked',,click''.
well, i'l bee damn, thars the full size,,
in photos.?.! oooooh, bet that's just4me, huh. shit.

SORRY,,,butt,,BAD PICS,,butt,,story4each1

18 yr pl blonde was great hair.
4, out of focus and took in the dark
with no flash, pics.

3, 35yrold anya hair'd indian, pics

i sea a lot of this,,30yrold asian
with her 65yrold husband

2, buttlong ponytail, pics

2, our county gamewarden has beautiful
brown hair,,BUTT,,is BAD AZZ!!!!. lol

2, the 50yrold indian pony tail [1/4 gray]

2, of the indian waitress where i eat
breakfast, ponytail

1, pony

2, sideviews of a real prty blonde, tity long.
tryed to get her face,,BUTT,,she keep turning.
note her tounge out in 2nd pic.

note: i'm working a fundraising booth 4 my
voluteer fire dept[i'm chief]

1, of my helpers[vols] the on on the left is
HOT,,butt, keeps it permed. one on right has
it up,,BUTT,,is past-butt-long[sheriff's wife]

last 1,,puffy,,all over

dats all the good/bad 1s out of 120 pics

sub notes:
1=when i say indian, i mean american
2=it's just 4 fun and the adrinalin rush
3=the bad pics r no big deal,4me, because
it's focused in my memory and 'priceless'

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

HOPE these cuments helped your 'frame'o'mind'.
guezz u had 2 bee thar,,,lol

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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