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Saturday, August 30 2003 - 17:52 by pc Reply

go thar,
click photos,
click add album,
name your album,
thar it tis,,,empty...
click add photos,
click launch uplaod tool.
a little program that opens
your explorer sew you can
open a folder in your putor,
preview and check checkbox for
the one's you want to upload.
[kinda like PCs msn thangy]
'check' the ones you want to upload
and click 'upload'
slowwwwww,4me. 21 pics took 45minutes
[see my next post]
i'm gonna upload zum non-nude-ponytails
when time permites.

hope this helps all.
ninja,,the MASTER,,could've figured this out,
in 2 seconds. musta been
'the heat of the moment' lol

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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