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ok,,i'll post
Sunday, August 24 2003 - 5:29 by pc Reply

every post here is red,,,,,read on

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

frum a 'mark' post[thanks]
[quick name scan]


more older, lol

steve, can i bring my secratary and her little sister
how bout

HOLY poop shoot, BATMAN


HOLY HOLLY16 [last pic]

i just click a link that cleared my history.
was surfin joebobs and all the links i had surfed
were same color azz unsurfed.
i better re:boot.
my typing is slow, 4 sum reason,2.?.

slow loadin pic break while
i work on putor

hummmmmm,,,zeemz OK...

yup, red[blue] links are turnin yellow
one i surfed earlyer are still blue.
what happened???????
now all the post at PCs and Ninja's r RED.??.
hell,,even the links above r red........

ok,,i'm fixxin to dew a joebob, himself, post.
hold on:
not long,,BUTT,,welll,,just look
this will slow u down
trippy..i'm sea'n trailsssssssssssssssss
#s back to 01
hassel to surf,,BUTT,, redheads
rough surfin, i'v hit two dialers in 10 minutes.
one installed, then ask if i wanted to uninstall. duhhhh
click parent directory,,twice
sea menu of the left, 2.

surfin ain't the same, now that i've seen a
i just can't beat that...................
off topic camel toes

mac is a good poster, there, 2
repostin a domino
cum frum mac

shayla's has been down 4 two weeks.
no loss,,BUTT,,what am i going
to dew with the post, i worked up, for there?
no,,this is not it


is that mark, shore looks like him

mark,,dew u surf #s?
look 4 ,htm r .html files

u finished? oh kay,,,,,,,,,,
#s go back to 4802, i'm serious.
of course u don't have'ta


up to

zeems she got a trim

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

up to

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

some say i'm 'half-backed'
nope! i'm DONE
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