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Penny Lynn in Big Bend Texas
Wednesday, August 20 2003 - 9:35 by bobby sargent
bobby sargent's Website: Penny Lynn and Jill Valdisar in Big Bend

HI. Well Penny has her tickets for my Traveling Photo Shoot to Big Bend Texas 6-10 Oct. Just about 6 weeks.

We have some really interesting shoots planned with her and Jill Valdisar.

Plenty of girl girl action and some spy shots of the girls together.

Penny will be doing an outdoor shower shots at an abandoned mine while in Big Bend.

You do ger fully signed unrestricted model release forms from both models for this shoot.

You get 30 hours of shooting duirng the 5 days.

I have more info at my web page if you are intersted.

YOu can hire Penny Lynn on the side in Big Bend also to shoot some private work. But you need to work out rates with Penny and her long hair.

Have a good one. bobby Tongue

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