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topic continued
Wednesday, August 20 2003 - 4:18 by pc Reply

on topic.
my post/reply to mark at PCs:

your geo thingy has got me intrested..
713 x 900 n sumtin
is a pretty big pic
didn't get the kb's,,BUTT STILL,,,
my msn group thang compressess a
100 kb pic to 25 kbs.this suckz!
[no copyright problemoes,,sew 4.]
[[NO ANYA PICS, though...............]]
sew does yahoo, xcept in files and
they'r ''upload 1 at a time''

wa'zup with geocities.
is it EZ 2 dew?
is it free?
what about copyrights?[can they delete your page?]

[ i read msn and yahoo, having their
password thang (they, copyright people,
can't track ya),is going to be the
file sharing thang when kazaa goes down.
zumhow, and i wish i knew, you can download
frum a friends computor, thru 'chat'.
anyboody know what i'm talkin about?]

back 2 topic,
i would upload 'requested/not seen in a long time'
pics to a place like geo. bet others wood 2.

fill me in on geo , dude.

eye willet u no wat he sezz

Too bad, this image is probably protected against leeching!!!

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