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New project and mirror alert
Tuesday, August 19 2003 - 3:43 by trichophile Reply

Numbers go up to 5.

Excellent photos of Claudine, better known as Sophie Sweet, Sasha, or Tammi.

For a forum, Yahoo or ezboard (where PC's forum is) should be fine.
Yahoo is simpler, but ezboard has better features (although not as good as Ninja's in my opinion) and you can ask PC for advice. I don't like MSN, because it still insists I am not of legal age. Maybe I should stop telling jokes about Bill Gates.

Picture galleries are problematic. If you like hi-res photos like the ones of Claudine, free groups at Yahoo and MSN are out. If you get your own web site and post pictures that don't belong to you, you risk being shut down for copyright violations. There are various web hosting services that will give you a modest amount of free resources, and there are countries that don't enforce copyright laws, but if you take this route, be prepared for frustration.

If you have your own photos and want to invest the time and money to create your own web site, let us know, and I expect several people will be happy to offer advice.

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